A few clicks with the camera.....

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  • Rawley CMG Number 1.jpg

    "The Rap" makes number 1- April 25th 2015

  • FRAMSIDA.jpg

    Front Cover - Photo by Olof Nysten

  • BAKSIDA.jpg

    Back cover with tracklist

  • Country Rap 06.jpg

    New single released March 2013!

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  • Touch Of Colour Label.JPG
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  • RT.jpg

    Welcome in to the picture show....(Photo by Henrik Radhe)

  • Sweet Companion_800x800.jpg

    Making more use of the pic from the fan club badge! This is the cover for the new single out in December 2011...

  • Golden Ring Cover 02 smaller.JPG

    Came out in April 2011 both digitally and on sale through UK Country Radio....

  • Gasoline CD Cover Final_800x800.JPG

    This one made it to number 1 on the UKCountryradio chart in January 2011- went down to number 3 in February and then bounced back to number 1 again in March...

  • FILE0150.JPG

    R.T. and farmer Nicklas - He knows how to wield that guitar.....

  • FILE0152.JPG

    Just chatting with one of the fans....

  • Country Boy Cover.JPG

    And this is what he was singing!

  • Radio Gotland 02.jpg

    All the true fans wear these badges! Drop me a line and I'll send you one!!

  • FILE0548.JPG

    Who's presenting who?

  • FILE0553.JPG

    RT and Laban at the scene of the crime! - The video for 'Hymn' was made inside the shop.

  • 834772_366_244.jpg

    Live at Radio Gotland - December 2009

  • RT and Mika.JPG

    Mr Taylor and the Real Tailor - Bespoke or not Bespoke? That is the question!

  • Visby.jpg

    The walls of Visby

  • Klintehamn.jpg

    Klintehamn in Winter

  • Shirt guitar.JPG

    And no prizes for guessing who bought one ! 

  • 834797_366_244.jpg

    Dancing with Radio G's very own Mari...

  • FILE0428.JPG

    The photographer at work