Rawley is an Englishman from the Depths of Devonshire who has made touchdown in Sweden and divides his time between urban living on the mainland and life in the middle of the Baltic on the Swedish island of Gotland. After a long sabbatical leave from all things musical he dusted off his guitar and started making music again a few years ago.


Nowadays all of the stuff is 100% RT from start to finish.... and there's a taste of what it's all about on each page of the website!


All the video clips - with two very noticeable exceptions - are filmed on Gotland. Strange partners to the music you may think at first? Take another look and perhaps they will make more sense!!


Those exceptions? Old VHS movies from an island in the Bahamas a few years back. Some of Rawley's family live over there and they don't get to see him that often!


Come on in and click on a link or two - You might find something that makes you click.....

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