A Touch of Colour – The Sleeve Notes!


Track 1          Small Town. What will the neighbours think? And if you’re related to half of them they probably know all about what you’re going to do before you do it. The joys of the closed community or the problems of isolated places where too many wild oats have been sown and you have to keep a check on who’s who in case your daughter comes home with her half-brother. Some places are still like that – I’ve been there - and some places are just occupied by people who are too nosey by half. No comment as to where I live at present – but I often think that those around me know far more about me than they should – but thankfully not everything…


Track 2         Wonderland. A favourite. Makes me think of Edward Hopper paintings and smoky nightclubs. We don’t always grow wiser as we grow older and thank goodness for that. Never too late to try again but it would be nice to get it right just once in a while!


Track 3         Desire (Cowboy Song). This all started in a bookshop at Arlanda airport where I was killing time before going back to a conference after lunch. There was this great song playing in the background and I never found out what it was. Then I got hooked on a western movie soundtrack and it all just fell together. Whose desire is it? The one watching or the one who thinks they are being watched? Is it just about a stalker? And hence the cowboy and Indian thing. I rest my case!


Track 4         Made of Stone. Back to the disco in the late 1900’s. And how we danced! Rawley Taylor pumps at the old guitar in a most undignified way. But it’s fun and you can actually dance to it. Turn it up, put on your platform soles and go strut your stuff!


Track 5         Heart got burned. Out with the Kleenex and dream away. Another personal favourite because of the somewhat dignified old-fashioned words and a real sad song which hopefully takes a look at the old story of breaking up from a different angle. This one  grew and grew and then I just had to add on a surprise at the end (thanks to the Gershwins)


Track 6         Sweet Companion. Originally written for a song contest but it didn’t get selected. Then I did it again and it’s ended up here. I think the  term ‘Rock ‘n Rawl’ is applicable - it moves along at a good pace. A man in a mess but Hell! Let’s get up and give it another go. Similar theme to track number two but absolutely no decorum.


Track 7         The Stranger. I sent this one to a friend when it was new and she immediately associated it with something that had once happened in her own life. I think the term for this kind of thing is “Death Country” and I would love to hear someone else take it on. Dark, mysterious and raw. All about that first love who you thought was yours for ever but that wasn’t to be. Jane Austen meets The Cure.


Track 8         Old Fashioned Morphine. I’d only heard very serious versions of this and decided to liven it up a bit. Hope Jolie Holland (who wrote it) doesn’t mind. I can imagine those two old men in The Muppet Show sitting in their balcony and making comments about the people who probably not many of today’s listeners have heard of. But you can always “Google them or something”. This was recorded on a small handheld device as part of the first recordings I made when rebecoming musical in 2009.


Track 9         Steady at the wheel. An older track revamped and remodeled with parts of the original still there – hence the odd clang – and other parts re-done completely. Good fun and a real sing-along Country song – I think! 


Track 10         Golden Grain. A collection of anonymous texts from a book of religious readings which I discovered fit in together rather well to make a modern-day kind of hymn. I enjoyed singing it and would love to hear it performed by a gospel choir. Very different from the rest of the stuff in this collection.



Track 11        You can’t drive my car. The song “Gasoline” got a good reception when the last album came out and this is the same hen-pecked husband rearing his head again and trying to be the big boss man - but he hasn’t got a chance. Last refuge is the car but he won’t be able to hold out that much longer. One to smile at and again quite “Country” don’t you agree?



Track 12        The Small Town Shuffle. Karaoke to clear the air after all that has gone before. I lost my voice for a long time and was working on Small Town and gave the backing more attention than usual so it ended up getting a life of its own. I think it rounds off the album pretty well – and you can actually sing along to it if you want to. The words are on the website.


All tracks copyright Rawley Taylor.Track 5 epilogue written by George and Ira Gershwin. Track 8 written by Jolie Holland.All other tracks written by Rawley Taylor.


Rawley Taylor is a one-man band. Hear more on “The Golden Ring and Other Stories” also on Artee Records.